23rd International HIV Dynamics and Evolution meeting

Promoting discussion between HIV Specialists

Three members of the Institute for Emerging Infections have participated in the 23rd International HIV Dynamics and Evolution meeting. The three-day meeting was held in the Marine Biological Laboratory, set in Woods Hole, a beautiful coastal town in the southwest corner of Cape Cod.

This annual event aims to promote discussion on statistical, mathematical and computational approaches to analysing the dynamics and evolution of HIV-1. Themes that were covered in this years’ conference included viral reservoirs, drug resistance, within-host dynamics and epidemiology.

Professor Angela McLean, who is a member of the organizing committee, attended the meeting alongside Hannah Roberts and Dr Helen Fryer. Day one saw Hannah Roberts present a poster investigating why starting antiretroviral therapy in acutely infected patients leads to prolonged control after treatment interruption. On the final day of the meeting, Helen Fryer presented a new idea for HIV-clearance. She described how this idea was borne from her modelling work to characterise how persistent replication in drug sanctuaries could be topping up the HIV-1 reservoir in patients taking antiretroviral therapy. Both women received positive and constructive feedback on their work.

As well as being highly enjoyable and thought provoking, the event was a great opportunity to catch up with collaborators and past colleagues.